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Give Your Back Yard a Lift with Landscaping/Hardscaping

Your yard can be extension of  your household's world while in SIP. Investing in yard improvements or a complete redesign will assure your family of their safe enjoyment of the outdoors. 

We have several bidding processes we rely on to come to a final agreement to complete your project. We invite you to review our bidding processes. 

Make Your Backyard An Oasis

Your backyard can be a wonderful extension of your household's living space. If done correctly a backyard can easily become a very useful and enjoyable part to your property. 

A well designed backyard can also be a great benefit to the ecology of you and your neighbor's land. By bringing in bee friendly and drought resistant plants, fruit trees begin to flower and property lines become stable and better defined. 

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A Well Designed Back Yard Consist Of Many Elements



Masonry Work

Rock Walls

Stairs & Railings

Drainage & Irrigation



Pathways (brick, stone, concrete)



Tree & plant removal/replacement

Potting & Custom built planter boxes

Conturing, Sloping and Terracing

Fencing, Stairs & Entryways

Drip irrigation design & installment

Benefits Of Hardscaping

Accessibility of the use of the yard

Takes care of existing safety issues

Erosion control 

Benefits Of Landscaping

Enjoyment of your complete property

Enhances appearance of your property

Adds ecology to the property and neighbors property 

Brings the value of your property up an average of  7 to 15%

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