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Studios & ADUs
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We offer complete general construction services. We will work with you to bring your dream of an add-on, remodel, or custom home project into creation.

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Bathrooms & kitchens are the heartbeat of your house. An update or a complete remodel of a bathroom or kitchen will transform your house from pad to palace. 



When a PG&E fire safety outages occur, installing a whole-house clean-fuel natural-gas generator can provide electricity for an unlimited number of days.


                WINDOWS & DOORS

Windows and doors are the gateway to the from your house. They dictate how the world will interact with you once you are home.    

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Your yard can be an extension of  your household's world during SIP. Investing in yard improvements or a complete redesign will assure your family's safe enjoyment of the outdoors. 

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              BACKYARD STUDIOS

Expand your life by adding a tiny house/studio to your property. The uses are endless and we guarantee you will covet this space for years to come. 

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                OUTSIDE KITCHENS

An outside kitchen is a perfect solution to enjoying the outdoors without having to go too far.  Now you can look forward to grilling steaks in your PJs! 



No need for a Tin Man - Siding has advanced since the old days of shady deals and pink asbestos tiles. We are proud to offer Nichiha & John Hardy  premium fire retardant siding. 

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Are  you having a baby? Is Mom moving in after surgery? Whatever the growth spurt your family is experiencing, we can design an addition or renovate an existing space for you to fit your current needs.

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Take advantage of the relaxed compliances in Southern Marin for placing an ADU on your property. Use it for extended family or rent it out as a source of passive income.

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                   PATIOS & DECKS 

Staring at the 4 walls a little too much lately? Maybe it is time to fix your old patio or deck. Or extend your life out to your back yard with a new patio or deck! 

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