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We Can Build You A Custom ADU

Take advantage of the relaxed compliances in Southern Marin for placing an ADU on your property. Use it for extended family or rent it out as a cottage as a passive income source. 

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There Is More To An ADU

That Meets The Eye 

Lately ADUs have become a very hot Item in California. With our housing shortage and the high number of displaced people due to the fires, ADUs have become one important element to solving our housing crisis.    

Your ADU Can Be 


Larger than 120sq ft (multipe sizes)

Permits are relaxed & easy to obtain

Can include a kitchen and bath

Can be used for friends &  family

Can be rented out to collect passive income

Can expodentially increase your property value 

We have several bidding processes we rely on to come to a final agreement to complete your project. We invite you to review our bidding processes. 

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