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Mill Valley Builders Inc.

Would Love To Work With You

Mill Valley Builders Inc. 

Mill Valley Builders is a well established local construction company in Southern Marin CA. We have been in contracting for the past 38 years. We are well known for being a leader in design-build, additions, and repairs.

We are currently reaching out to realators to forge new and lasting business relationships. 

How We Help You Succeed With Your Clients

We will define the parameters of your sale with a realistic work estimate 

We will provide quality construction thus contributing to a positive relationship with your client 

We will assure all necessary work and permits are up to standard toward a successful closing

We will add the the overall PR with your current and future clients 

What We Can Provide






Who We Like To Work With

We are specifically interested in connecting with realtors who understand the value of working with a highly qualified contractor. Ultimately we are interested in building a mutually beneficial relationship that would lead to a successful sales outcome with your current and potential clients. We are confident the high quality of our work will reflect positively on both of us. 

We look forward to hearing back from you in the near future. 

View Our Projects 

We Look Forward To Connecting With You 

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